How to find the hidden object in the room

It turns out that not having any psychic abilities, they can successfully demonstrate that adds to your image in society a new face. For example, a party or any other event every minute getting bored and to avoid the flight of guests, you can express yourself with such a surprise party, is sure to play you a plus.

ментализм, чтение мыслей

So the hidden objects in the room, and you did not see where he was hiding. Mentally divide the room into four parts, like a map. Take a man, hidden or knowing where the hidden object arm. Keep your finger on the pulse of it and ask him to put his index finger. Then take turns pointing the finger at one of the sectors of the room, asking him to concentrate on the subject and asking, "where is he?". Answer he has in mind.

The fact that there are involved the subconscious, and when people feel stress, it will change the pulse. Next is a matter of time. Reducing space and capturing the changes in the pulse, you can easily guess the location of the object. You are guaranteed success.

Here is a short on magic mentalism. That's not all, because mentalism - an art, requiring rigorous training. You can successfully apply these technologies anywhere.

Mental techniques to help you and in business meetings, and a date. You build up the people believed that you can not be deceived, and you know how to read minds. Imposing the dates of your solution, you can achieve success in a circle of friends and co-workers in the team and among business partners.