What is "Mentalism"

French Mental - means "thought."

Hence the origin of the word "Mentalism". Mentalism - is one of three elements that govern the entire vast, beginningless and endless universe. Under these elements means:

1) God, or a Supreme Mind;

2) The soul or spark of the Divine and

3) Thought (The Power of Thought).

Identify and measure all the qualities of the powerful and invisible force Mentalism (power of thought) is impossible, since its application is limitless. It is the basis and beginning of all sciences: physical, social, philosophical, spiritual, artistic, etc. etc. Mentalism concentrates in itself the causes of happiness and misery, health and illness, success and failure, and it is hardly possible to allow doubt and that Mentalism accompanies man in the afterlife.

The law thinking originates from the date of the creation of man, from the moment when man first began to think. At different stages, in different epochs of progress of human thought, people gradually discovered the existence of this law, but people still could not quite grasp it ...

Goals flowed, during which "the human race" step by step revealed some of the secrets of nature, with each new discovery thinking that already has quite true. We created one after another science: mesmerism, hypnotism, personal magnetism, spiritualism, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, etc., and people were confident that each of these sciences is quite independent.

This hidden very misleading, as the basis of all of these sciences is mentalism is why they are closely related to one another.

Studying the nature, learning its secrets, man, of course, I had no physical opportunity to embrace your mind all at once; he had to move slowly on the way Thorn intellectual progress, just as a beginner to learn to read, trying to learn the alphabet first, then the words of one syllable, but already there is more extensive, the whole speech.