About Celevra

Mentalism, most closed genre Illusion Arts. Celevra - project one of the best mentalists Russia, which has successfully toured throughout Europe with a tour.

Successfully combining the experience of the greatest psychologists, hypnotists, mentalists past, personal, explosive energy and charisma - gained immense popularity in a variety of venues across Europe. The manipulation of the psyche, prediction, psychological experiments and illusion tricks, cold reading thoughts - no one and nothing will not be to prove it is not necessary to believe in - you can see it with my own eyes.

By participating in numerous television projects in Russia - Celevra deservedly occupies the highest place among European mentalists. Stage performance of its mesmerizing power, makes the biggest skeptics to look at what is happening with eyes wide open, and blurs the line between magic (impossible) and reality. Celevra proves that the impossible is possible.

The majority of the audience a feeling of unreality, and completely breaks down the basic principles and laws of nature. (Physics, psychology, medicine)

Celevra holds a unique, psychological tricks, tricks skillfully manipulating the human psyche, delicately playing with the psychology of the audience, involving the audience in the game and cleverly held around the traps of human consciousness.

Where reality ends and begins a pseudo reality? This manipulation of the psyche verbal, subconscious effect cold reading? Using the hidden possibilities of man, or is it all paranormal effects - is addressed only to the audience. The answer to this question.

Make no mistake: once he found himself in your mind and read your thoughts - Celevra never go away from it. On stage with Celevra - you lifelong believe that for people, nothing is impossible.